WELCOME TO ERIC

                      Eric is located in a national garden city-shandong binzhou.Is a enterprises of stair treads researching,producing,operating,the main products include stair treads,welding line,horn button,flooring angular line horn-protected,closing strip,closing edge,etc.

              Since Eric developed in plastic area,adhering to the"integrity,innovation,hold world with virtue,win-win cooperation",put the quality as the fundamental of the enterprise, the service as a guarantee of the product,the research,innovation as the core of enterprise,the win-win cooperation as the driving force of enterprise development.

              Eric has a strong r&d team and innovation team,successively created coating wearresisting layer products and printing treads,created,applied for national patent,constantly attack risks g hard,gradually set up the Eric's brand advantage.

              Now science and technology is developing rapidly,In the new historical period,Eric will continue to strengthen technological innovation,management innovation,marketing innovation,will go forward with all clients and friends to build brilliant future.


              Binzhou Eric?Paving Material co.,ltd

              • QUALITY

                Regarding quality as the foundation of enterprises and service as the guarantee of products

              • IDEA

                Adhering to the enterprise concept of "honesty based, innovation far-reaching, good moral, win-win cooperation"

              • INNOVATE

                Always focus on product development and innovation, with a strong R&D team and innovation team

              • ADVANTAGE

                Relying on the resource advantages and good reputation of the carpet and plastic industry for many years

              WELCOME TO ERIC


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              HOTLINE: 18706622302
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